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What is Ishida Products?


We will create a future where people can acquire the ability to live through the 100-year life period on their own two feet and continue to participate in society at any stage of their lives.

Medical Bridge Communicator

CEO  Yukihiro Ishida


2004 Obtained a clinical engineering degree

2019 Founded Ishida Products LLC

2021 Wrote and published "Izakaya presentation and the dream came true

Utilize the career you have built up as a clinical engineer.

Medical practitioners that have not learned how to communicate mistakenly believe that if they speak, they will be understood. Medics communicate with patients. Medical staff communicates to patients, and medical staff communicates to medical staff. I have created my seminars, videos, and written books to fill the gap in each communication situation.

Hope from the closed medical world

By disseminating information yourself, you create a circle of people around you that transcends your profession. I realized that this circle creates an opportunity to do what I want to do, what I must do, and to take action to make those "dreams come true.


Creating a future where people can enjoy 100 years of life

As a clinical engineer, I have seen 7 leg amputees in my 18 years of working with approximately 300 diabetic patients in the dialysis field. My experience as a clinical engineer has given me knowledge about diabetes and expertise in medical device development. Now that we have everything we need to combat this global social problem, we are starting a business to fulfill our mission to eliminate foot amputation.

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