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Lecture Record

2015/1 Hokusetsu Clinical Engineers Forum 2015 "The Role of Hokusetsu Region at the Time of the Nankai Trough Earthquake"

2015/9 In-house lecture of a pharmaceutical company "Management of CKD-MBD"

2015/11 Minami-Kawachi disaster study meeting "Considering disaster support measures in the areas surrounding the disaster"

2015/11 Kinki Society of Clinical Engineering Symposium "Is it there? Unnecessary? Certifications, Degrees, and Double Licenses"

2016/2 In-house lecture at a pharmaceutical company "About Carbostar

2016/3 In-house lecture for a pharmaceutical company, "How to logically reduce the number of medication tablets" (in Japanese)

2016/10 In-house lecture for a pharmaceutical company, "Thinking using a Functional Approach"

2017/3 The 88th Osaka Dialysis Study Group "Supporting Home Hemodialysis with iPhone, Establishment of Disaster Preparedness Promotion Committee"

2017/4 Osaka South Network "CKD-MBD as seen by clinical engineers"

2017/6 62nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy, "Support for home hemodialysis with iPhone"

2017/6 Business App My Style '17 "Business Slides Made with Keynote"

2017/7 In-house lecture for a pharmaceutical company, "Experiences with hyperphosphatemia drugs"

2017/8 Osaka Institute of Industrial Technology, Medical, and Health Device Development Study Group, "Proposal for an Oxygen Cylinder Remaining Level Warning Sensor"

2017/9 89th Osaka Dialysis Study Group Nursing Seminar "Information Sharing at the Field Level: Gap between Ideal and Reality"

2017/10 Lecture on Disaster Countermeasures in Southern Osaka "First Steps for Disaster Countermeasures in Southern Osaka" 

2017/12 Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Next Generation Medical System Industrialization Forum "Home Oxygen Alarm Sensing Band"

2018/4 Garage Taisho Opening Ceremony "Medical Needs for Oxygen Cylinder Residual Level Warning"

2018/5 Osaka Dialysis Collaboration Seminar 2018 "Medical Safety in Dialysis Rooms to Think Again"

2018/6 Business App My Style '18 "Business Slides Made with Keynote"

2018/6 Seinin-kai Medical Corporation, Meeting to Think about Life at Home, "How to Find and Solve Problems"

2018/7 Osaka Society of Clinical Engineers Academic Education Seminar "Presentations for Conference Presentations"

2018/10 Osaka Electro-Communication University Special Lecture "The World of Clinical Engineering Technicians"

2018/12 Kyoto Society of Clinical Engineers Newcomers and Continuing Education Program "Logical Thinking"

2018/12 Osaka Izumio Hospital Nursing Department "Simulation of Disaster Response Headquarters Operation"

2019/3 The 92nd Osaka Dialysis Study Group Disaster Preparedness Seminar "Report on Osaka Prefecture Earthquake Tsunami Disaster Preparedness Drill"

2019/4 Garage Taisho Medical-Engineering Collaboration Seminar 2 "Medical-Engineering Collaboration from a Medical Professional's Perspective"

2019/5 Business App My Style '19 "Business Slides Made with Keynote"

2019/8 Medikiki Medical-Engineering Collaboration Seminar "Medical-Engineering Collaboration in Comedical"

2019/9 Osaka South Network "Importance of ACP in Dialysis Care"

2019/11 Kinki Society of Clinical Engineering Symposium "Considering Remote Medical Treatment for the Near Future"

2019/11 Ehime Society of Clinical Engineers, Young Engineers Committee, "Presentation Skills UP Seminar"

2020/6 OneCE Corona Countermeasure Project web seminar "Confronting Corona with Town Factories

2020/9 30th Japan Society of Clinical Engineering Panel Discussion "Current and Future of Home Work

2020/10 Medical Japan Tokyo Clinical Engineering Forum "From a Clinical Engineer in a Small Factory

2021/4 The 47th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society of Hematology and Blood Purification Technology "Cyber Security in Home Healthcare"

2021/10 The 31st Chubu Clinical Engineering Conference

2021/10 31st Chubu Society of Clinical Engineering Educational Seminar "Tips for web presentation

2021/11 Shiga Prefecture Society of Clinical Engineering Technologists Educational Web Seminar "First-time presentation: Self-expression"

2021/12 Hyogo Prefecture Society of Clinical Engineering Technologists

2021/12 Hyogo Society of Clinical Engineers Open Conference "Remote Monitoring General Theory and Cyber Security

2022/1 Nagaokakyo City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Culture and Transportation Committee Relay Seminar "How to Create a Presence Ride

2022/2 Osaka Society of Clinical Engineers Academic Education Seminar "Tips for web presentation

2022/3 The 28th Kagoshima Society of Clinical Engineering, Kagowai Project, Special Lecture "Circle of Influence

2022/3 Kyoto Society of Clinical Engineers, Human Resource Education Subcommittee, "Recommendations for a Parallel Career"

2022/4 Medtec Japan "Community-based medical engineering collaboration would not be possible without clinical engineers ⁉︎

2022/5 Panel discussion at the 32nd Japan Society for Clinical Engineering, "A Clinical Engineer Becomes a Writer

2022/5 29th Fukuoka Society of Clinical Engineering Workshop "Options as a Clinical Engineering Technician

2022/6 19th Gifu Society of Clinical Engineering, "Be Yourself, Diagonally" 

2022/7 Toyama Medical and Engineering Cooperation Study Group "Community-based Medical and Engineering Cooperation: Manufacturing and Medical Perspectives

2022/10 Kagawa Association of Clinical Engineers 2nd Medical Engineering Cooperation Seminar "Medical Engineering Cooperation and the Story of 00

2022/12 National Hospital Organization Tokai-Hokuriku Group Skill Up Training for Medical Staff (2), etc. "Presentation Basic Seminar

2023/1 Osaka Home Healthcare Promotion Project ACP Practice Workshop for Medical Care Workers "Thinking about one's final days

2023/2 Kansai Medical and Healthcare Industry DX Business Promotion Community Activity Results Presentation 

2023/2 Sido Next Innovator DEMO DAY Final Selection Pitch "Selfeet, a Solution for Diabetics to Prevent Foot Amputation

2023/3 Nagaokakyo City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Food and Beverage Committee Seminar "Why Diabetes is Scary: The Reality and Prevention of Dialysis and Foot Amputation

2023/6 Educational Lecture "Tips and Tricks for Slide Preparation" at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Certified Emergency Nurses

2023/7 Panel Discussion "Clinical Engineers and Subspecies" at the 33rd Japan Society for Clinical Engineering

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